The New Family of Avid's MBox 3

The third generation of Avid's popular Pro Tools MBox was just announced. The new units feature a completely redesigned construction, guaranteed compatibility with all major audio applications and expanded capabilities. Check out this post for a first look at the new MBox 3 Mini, MBox 3 and MBox 3 Pro and for a comprehensive breakdown of the new features.

Avid Jockeys for First Place with New Media Composer 5

Fifteen years ago, Avid was the only serious NLE option running for film and video editors. NLEs today are less expensive and more powerful than they've ever been—there are currently several affordable professional editing suites on the market. By releasing the brand-new Media Composer 5 Production Suite, Avid is hoping to blast around the inside turn and take its place at the head of the pack, for NLE projects of all sizes and budgets.

Avidly Monitor Your Productions with RM1's

Digidesign RM1 Nearfield Studio Monitor Some people make a point of purchasing "industry standard" equipment. While it's arguable if the term "industry standard" has any concrete meaning at all, if you use DigiDesign's RM1 near field monitors in your studio, you can at least make the case that you're using "Pro Tools approved" speakers. Okay, so the term "Pro Tools approved" doesn't really have any meaning either, but hey, it sounds good! If you want to sound great, check out these awesome RM1 bundle deals...

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