backup drives

Secure Your Data with the Drobo 5N

Have you ever tried moving a large 20GB file from one computer to another without a network-attached storage drive? It’s a painful, slow process with a substantial chance of failure. Also, seeing a Windows or Mac computer progress bar estimate that it’s going to take a little over a year to finish the data transfer doesn’t exactly help.

LaCie XtremKey: 64GB, Full Metal Jacket

Ordinary people can use ordinary flash drives. But those involved in infantry, demolition, deep sea diving, espionage, smash-up derby, ultimate fighting and other rough-and-tumble activities will want a more rugged flash drive. It can’t hurt if the drive holds 64GB, either. Of course, anyone who likes cool gadgets will find the LaCie XtremKey appealing.

Lexar Echo ZE: World’s Smallest Backup Solution

There are many ways to back up a computer, and lots of devices for this purpose. Most such devices are a nuisance for mobile users because they add to the bulk and weight of everything that has to be kept in tow. But Lexar’s new backup solution for netbook and notebook computers is no bigger than your thumb nail.

HP SimpleSave: Hard Drive Backup the Easy Way

How things as mundane as backup drives became objects of desire says as much about sleek design as the value we place in digital storage. Under the glossy black finish of HP’s SimpleSave hard drives – two portable and three desktop models – sits the stuff we care about: our documents, photos, videos, music, and more. They may be copies of files, but we’ve learned – sometimes the hard way – that there’s safety in redundancy.

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