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A Portrait Safari in Downtown Manhattan with 'Lighten Up and Shoot' and the B&H Event Space

Shooting portraits can be a challenge—but the kind folks over at LightenUpandShoot and the B&H Event Space teamed up to try to help attendees of a recent Photo Safari. Starting in the West Village of New York City on a bright sunny day, the safari visited some hot locations such as Washington Square Park, Cooper Union, and Thompson Square Park. So just how did this event help to make people better portrait shooters?

The B&H Event Space Takes a Field Trip to the Brooklyn Bridge!

The Brooklyn Bridge—perhaps one of the most iconic and photogenic bridges in NYC, was the location of a recent photo walk/safari hosted by the B&H Event Space. Comprised of seven different way points spread across the general area of the bridge, the event was swarmed by attendees all across the bridge—even on the cloudy day!

At the Event Space: Frank Dispensa's Print Competition

Recently, Frank Dispensa lectured in the Event Space, speaking first about “Creating the Perfect Digital Negative.“ (If you missed it, you can purchase it on a DVD directly from Frank’s website.) Later on, he held his own print competition, where he judged various entries. The participants competed for some really cool prizes as well.

Studio Essentials: Equipment, Techniques and Concepts

Join Lindsay Adler for an educational presentation about the essentials of studio equipment, techniques and concepts. This seminar will be a combination of lecture and demonstration in which Lindsay will be shooting tethered so you can see the setup and immediate resulting image. This class will not focus on rigid formulas to determine lighting setups, but instead will take a more relaxed and practical approach to the subject.

This Month at the Event Space- Women in Photography: A Panel Discussion & Slideshow

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a time of year to recognize women throughout history and today, all around the world. While the photo industry is still dominated by men, women have made tremendous progress over the last several years by breaking new ground across multiple genres, and excelling in a myriad of photo professions. Since its inception, the B&H Event Space has invited talented women to speak about their photography and their path towards success. In honor of International Women’s Day, the Event Space will be hosting a panel of women photographers to discuss the methods, subject matter, personal vision, and processes used for creating their extraordinary bodies of work.

The date of the panel is Sunday, March 27th, 1pm-4pm, and will include Amy Stein, Cara Phillips, Jane Tam, Ellen Carey, and will be moderated by Karen Marshall. Full details are here: Women in Photography: A Panel Discussion and Slideshow.

Who are your favorite women photographers? Leave your comments below.

(Photo courtesy of j3net )


Introduction to Portrait and Beauty Retouching

Retouching is a balancing act and an art. While you want to correct facial imperfections and blemishes, you also want to retain skin texture and maintain a realistic image. This presentation by Lindsay Adler will introduce you to the basic tools, techniques and programs used to retouch portrait and beauty images.

Real Exposures, Episode 3: Jason Florio

Real Exposures features one-on-one interviews with industry professionals such as high-profile photographers and filmmakers. In this episode, photojournalist Jason Florio visits B&H to discuss his expedition to the West African Republic of The Gambia, where he photographed chiefs and elders.

David Brommer on Composition

David Brommer, manager of the B&H Event Space, has contributed to a recently published book entitled, "Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots." I recently had the opportunity to talk with David about the chapter he wrote, and he provided me with some interesting and thought-provoking insights.

Live from B&H: D-Town TV with Larry Becker and Matt Kosklowski

Live at the B&H Event Space at 2:30 PM EST today will be the stars of D-Town TV Larry Becker and Matt Kosklowski. You can watch it live here. They will be having a big giveaway, plus answering questions live. Additionally, there will be special guests, lots of tips, plus a live tour of the SuperStore. Tune in today for a special treat.

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