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A Portrait Safari in Downtown Manhattan with 'Lighten Up and Shoot' and the B&H Event Space

Shooting portraits can be a challenge—but the kind folks over at LightenUpandShoot and the B&H Event Space teamed up to try to help attendees of a recent Photo Safari. Starting in the West Village of New York City on a bright sunny day, the safari visited some hot locations such as Washington Square Park, Cooper Union, and Thompson Square Park. So just how did this event help to make people better portrait shooters?

Meet B&H: The Used and Refurbished Department

In this edition of Meet B&H, we visit the Used Department of the store. The Used Department contains loads of older cameras (both film and digital) and collectibles on display and in the back stock room. Located on the second floor of the store, it often contains some interesting finds, like old Canon 7 rangefinders, rare lenses, camcorders, lights, bags, etc. In addition to used gear, there are also refurbished products that are restored to original manufacturer specs—just like new!

When people sell or trade in their gear, it ends up in the Used Department. For those starting out in any medium (photo, video, audio, computing, etc.) or just want to save money by purchasing older equipment, feast your eyes on the Used section.

Meet B&H: The Lighting Department

In this edition of Meet B&H, we take a look at the Lighting Department. Located on the first floor of the SuperStore, the Lighting Department has studio lighting, radio triggers, reflectors, light modifiers, and lots more. All items are on display, and customers can test different units to figure out which one is right for them. Take a quick tour of the Lighting Department by clicking the Read and Discuss button.

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