cable management

PhotoPlus 2013: TetherTools Cable Management and Support Systems

Tethering is an evolving field ever since digital came into the picture. Luckily, TetherTools has you covered. Featuring everything from your basic cable (a nice bright orange, so you can see it) to stands and support for iPads and laptops.

Holiday 2012: How to Set Up a Room for Recording and Mixing

Recording great-sounding music isn’t dependent upon having world-class preamps and a locker filled with vintage microphones, since the quality of your work isn’t directly related to the quality of your tools. Simply placing equipment in the optimal position can have a major impact on your overall sound quality.

Think Tank Camera Bags & Cases for Thinking Photographers

Whenever photographers start comparing notes with designers, it’s only a matter of time before the topic of “sensible” camera bags comes up. In the case of Think Tank Photo, such discussions have resulted in an extensive line of rugged and practical bags, cases and accessories. 

Workplace Efficiency Starts with Tether Tools

Support isn’t just about getting a technician on the phone. It’s also about trusting your camera, computer and critical accessories to the most reliable tabletops and attachments available—modules that can be extended as your needs grow. 

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