Announcing Kopul Line-to-Mic Attenuator Cables for DSLR Audio

Kopul has just announced the addition of four line-to-mic attenuator cables for DSLR audio applications to their line of professional cable solutions for audio and video. Designed to take the line output from your portable digital recorder and connect it to the unbalanced mic level input on your DSLR camera, these cables allow you record audio to your external digital recorder and DSLR simultaneously.

On-the-Go Computer Accessories

There are plenty of gifts you can give to computer users that will tickle their fancy, but not all of them are ideal for people who are always on the go. Sure, a 5.1-channel sound system is great for home use, but nobody wants to carry that around on a business trip or on vacation. Certainly there are better ideas for mobile users.

Meet B&H: The Consumer Video Dept

Every great filmmaker needs to start somewhere. Some people aspire to be the next big thing on YouTube, others want to be an Indie Cult Lord, while others dream of having their names likened to that of Speilberg. If you've got the vision, we've got the tools. Our Consumer Video Dept houses almost any consumer-level camcorder you could name and more. Everything we have is on display for you to try for yourself. If you have questions, our experts will help to educate you about some essential accessories such as converter lenses, batteries, filters, memory, and even video tapes!

Begin your photo tour of the B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Consumer Video Department by clicking Read and Discuss.

Pearstone FireWire Cables

Why pay more for quality FireWire cables now that Pearstone has rolled out a full selection of 4-, 6- and 9-pin cables in various lengths? The IEEE 1394 interface has long been favored by video and audio pros for connecting portable equipment like camcorders to computers. But misplacing a cable or not having the right cable with a 4- to 6-pin connection, for instance, can trip up anyone.

Pearstone XLRs: Better Cables, Lower Prices

A good XLR cable is one of the most essential accessories on the planet. Even though you may use them regularly, you still may not be sure what to look for when buying a new one. Pearstone recently unveiled a new line of XLR cables that offer a high level of quality at a surprisingly budget-friendly price. In this post I'll show you what to look for when choosing an XLR cable.

Getting Organized with Rip-Ties

If you’re a photo/video person, you own cables. I’m not talkin’ one or two power cords. Somewhere in your home or office there’s a big box with everything from stingers to strobe leads, USB extensions to FireWire daisy chains. This gaggle of cable will cause infinite frustration when you’re looking for one specific piece. Thankfully the folks at Rip-Tie offer an organizational solution with handy, low-cost Straps and CableWraps.

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