choosing lenses

Tips For Breathing Life Into Your Old DSLR

Don't feel the need to upgrade your older DSLR but still want it to perform better? There's good news: it's possible! However, it will take a bit of smart investing and will require some careful selection based on the goals and tasks you want to accomplish while shooting.

Why I Love the 50mm

For years, many photographers shot with almost exclusively with their trusty 50mm. The reason for this is the image quality combined with overall versatility of this focal length. It is often said that the 50mm perspective on 35mm film/digital closely mimics what the human eye sees.

Tips from Townsend #4 - Choosing the Right Lens

In our latest installment of ‘Tips from Townsend’ ('The Photographic Instruction Book by Townsend T Stith', Sears Roebuck & Company, 1903), our hero, Townsend T, discusses the 3 primary types of lenses – wide angle, portrait, and telephoto, which at the turn of the last century was a concept that was for the average shooter of the day as mysterious as the basics of digital imaging were a decade ago.

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