Meet B&H: The Computer Dept

Did you know that B&H sells computers? In this edition of Meet B&H, we give you a tour of our computer department. Encompassing a sizeable amount of space in the store, there are rows and rows of computers, laptops, tablets, netbooks and accessories, for customers to get a feel for before making an informed decision. Everything from Apple, Acer, Sony, and more.

As a former PCMag staffer, I can genuinely say that this is Toys R Us for geeks.

Liquid-Cooled CyberpowerPCs Push the Limits

Speed is an attractive feature whether you're looking to recalculate a massive spreadsheet or drive a souped-up roadster along a virtual racetrack. The trouble is that an over-clocked PC tends to overheat. Enter CyberpowerPC, a company that has mastered the art of manufacturing desktop and gaming systems with built-in liquid cooling.

Enjoy Instant Savings When You Buy Drobo Storage Arrays

There was a time when only very large corporations needed RAID storage. RAID storage is still used by large corporations, but today you’ll also find small businesses and individual users taking advantage of its features. Data Robotics’ Drobo storage arrays make affordable entry points to failsafe storage, and they’re made all the more affordable with the instant savings you can get from B&H until the end of June.


Apple Announces New Mac mini Computer and Server

The Mac mini has been a favorite of the minimalist crowd since its inception. For some, the idea of a complete desktop system squeezed into a case no bigger than an external DVD drive makes perfect sense, especially when office or desk space is at a premium. Today Apple announced new Mac minis that are sleeker, faster and more versatile than ever before. You can even get a Mac mini server.


The Asus Eee PCT101MT-EU17: Lightweight Tablet and Netbook

Manufacturers have been in the business of perfecting tablet computers for almost 10 years, and in that time we have seen some highs, but plenty of lows. Mastering the touch sensitive technology of a stylus and most recently, a touchscreen has been a long arduous process. But now we are witnessing a renaissance of sorts with a new wave of tablet PCs that are sure to become ubiquitous as mobile technology continues to evolve. Designed around the convertible design of tablet PCs, the Asus Eee PC T101MT-EU17 is the latest entry in touchscreen PCs. Looking like a typical netbook, the 10.1" LED display is attached at a single hinge that can rotate 180º, fold down on top of the keyboard, and transform into a tablet, providing a flat writing surface.

Pogoplug: Remote File Access Has Never Been Easier

We live in a world where we rely more and more on digital media. We share photos with friends and family through websites like Flickr and Facebook. We discover new music via digital download. We rent movies over the Internet.

At the same time, accessing all of this digital media can be a virtual juggling act. You may forget to sync your iPod and be without new music and podcasts. E-mailing photos can be a hassle and a half -- especially if you're trying to send the latest digital captures of little Quentin to his elderly Uncle Conrad & Aunt Ginny.

The Sony VAIO EB Series

When I was picking up my demo unit of the Sony VAIO EB series notebook for this review, I had a very important choice to make. "Which color do you want?" I took one look at the two computers in front of me -- one blue, one black -- and without hesitation said "I'll take the blue one." Thankfully, I didn't have to make a choice from the entire array of colors that the VAIO E is offered in -- six in total. If you're keeping score at home, they are Iridescent Blue, Hibiscus Pink, Caribbean Green, Lava Black, Gunmetal Black, and Coconut White.

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