CES 2014: The 192-Core NVIDIA Tegra K1 Mobile Processor

Mobile gaming isn't going to be just about Candy Crush and Angry Birds anymore. At CES 2014, NVIDIA unveiled the revolutionary Tegra K1 mobile processor, which is a 192-core super chip featuring the same NVIDIA Kepler architecture found in their top-of-the-line graphics card: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Next-gen PC gaming has finally arrived on the mobile platform.

Editor's Note: this post was written by William Min

CES 2014: Korg Announces Two New Products that Improve Your Computer Audio Quality

Computers, TVs, and cameras may get most of the attention at CES, but Korg has shown that audio has a big place at the event with their announcement of their DS-DAC-100 and DS-DAC-100m, DSD audio playback systems. They are designed to complement Korg’s AudioGate 3 software, which can be used to up-sample audio from your computer, be it CDs, downloads, or other sources, to DSD quality up to 5.8 MHz.

Editor's Note: this post was written by Jaime Traba

A Pro Photographer Who Uses a MacBook Air?

I have blogged, lectured and argued for many years that a camera is nothing more than a tool that solves a given photographer’s problem. A camera brand is not a symbol of loyalty to one kind of photography, nor is it some kind of credential for membership in some kind of “club.” The sooner each photographer starts to figure out what their particular challenges are, and which camera works for them to resolve those challenges (regardless of brand), the sooner they will start making the kind of photographs they want. Recent experience has taught me that I need to start talking the same way about the laptop computers that photographers use for digital image processing.

Supercharge Yourself with the New Thunderbolt-Equipped Quad-Core iMac

In the age of tablet computers and intelligent telephones, you may not think a refresh to a line of desktop machines would create much buzz, but to the power users that you find at B&H, the new Thunderbolt-equipped quad-core Apple iMacs are electrifying. You can't bust one out on an airplane and consume high-def video on your folding tray table, but back at your workspace you can use one to produce high-end content like never before.

Moving into a New Production Computer

Here's the situation: you buy a brand new Mac with an empty 500GB hard drive. Your old computer has a smaller hard drive, but it's completely full and not very organized. You can use software that will transplant the chaotic mess from your old drive directly into your new computer, or you can take your time and manually move files over, organizing as you go. In this post I'll share some tips on how you can turn a new leaf when you get a new computer.

3D on the PC

The successful 3D movie Avatar has stirred up huge interest in 3D technology. Manufacturers are now pushing 3D television sets, even though there’s currently not much 3D content to watch on them. Of course, PC manufacturers don’t want to watch the bandwagon roll on by, so they’re introducing 3D PCs. One such example is ASUS’s new G51J 3D, a 15.6" notebook computer with 3D graphics built right in.

B&H's New Audio & Video Workstations

The new workstations at B&H bring together the worlds of video post and audio production like never before. They allow you to test drive the latest software and hardware, and witness firsthand how the sonic and visual sides of post production interact. Have you ever used Final Cut Studio software on a powerful Apple Mac Pro computer? Want to audition the latest Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins in a Logic session? Now you can!

A Tree Grows in Save-Land

Have you ever been working on a creative project on your computer and you reach a point where  the work looses its spark and starts to go downhill? It's a painful scenario in which the creative potential of your digital tools somehow destroys the idea you were chipping away at. This is a problem I've struggled with, and instead of giving up on all of my digitally-based artistic endeavors and going back to finger painting, I've decided to try a new approach to how I save my work. 

A PC for Under the Tree

That old computer is getting longer in the tooth. Sure, when you got it, Windows Me was the latest and greatest, and it had a whopping 40GB hard drive… maybe even 256MB of RAM. Imagine that. Nowadays, that computer seems like it belongs in Barney Rubble's den, not your home office. If you're faced with the oft-daunting task of choosing a new computer, read on for a few suggestions.

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