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How I Built My Camera System: Nicole Fara Silver

I’m a Canon girl, although the first photos I took were on an Olympus D-380 that my parents gave me for the holidays when I was twelve years old. My dad was a photographer, and when I was growing up he had a disposable camera in the glove compartment of his car at all times. We’d be driving down the street, and he’d pull over anytime he saw something he liked. He’d make me get out of the car and stand next to him as he told me how he was composing the shot, and why he was doing it one way or another. Despite that, my old Olympus sat on a shelf for two years, until I hit high school. I started taking photos of all of my new friends, documenting our daily lives, as a way to mask the fact that I felt totally awkward.

Editor's Note: This is a guest blog post from Nicole Fara Silver.

Todd Owyoung: From Smoky Dives to World Famous Concert Photographer

Todd Owyoung has been photographing concerts and musicians for years. He runs the very successful I Shoot Shows blog, and is always on the road, and blogging about his experiences. Todd is extremely active on Twitter as well. At a very young age, he's accomplished much, having photographed many major musicians that others would only dream of.

Todd found some time to answer a couple of questions for us about his methods of shooting, and about concert photography in general.

Breaking Tradition: Using the Olympus EPL-2's Art Filters To Shoot a Concert

Have you ever thought of embracing flaws instead of fighting them? We recently wrote about trying to correct discolored concert photos. While testing the Olympus EPL-2 at a Chiptunes Concert, I learned a valuable lesson: that to create better work, sometimes you need to break away from tradition and not take your work so seriously.

Recommended Gear for Concert Photography

Aerosmith Guitar Hero

Want to turn your passion for music into chances at getting some cash? Besides knowledge of composition, aperture, exposure and ISOs, you'll have an easier time scoring that wonderful shot if you've acquired the right gear. Here's a listing of cameras and lenses that you may want to get your hands on.

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