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Holiday 2012: Gifts for Parents

Coming up with gift ideas for a kid isn’t terribly taxing. However, shopping for their parents often proves to be a little more difficult. When pressed, mom or dad may divulge that they could use a new ice cream scoop or some wool socks, but in you can’t imagine their face lighting up when they unwrap such conventional gifts. You know you can do better.

Showcase your Memories on a Digital Photo Frame

We’ve all been guilty, at least once, of using our camera’s memory card like a time capsule: capturing more and more photos of different places and events, but never storing, backing up or transferring them. 

Pandigital's Extreme Photo Frames

Pandigital has a pair of products that push the limits of digital photo frames. One is an 8-inch frame with its own e-mail address that receives images via a cellular phone network, bypassing the need for a computer or a Wi-Fi setup.

Such a Deal on a Digital Picture Frame, You'll Buy One for Every Room

When it comes to framed photos, families are prone to show off printed images under glass sooner than digital versions on LCDs. That could be changing, though, as prices of digital picture frames sink to new lows. Take the versatile DPF-A72N/B Digital Photo Frame from Sony. The 7-inch screen used to be priced at $99.95. Now, with a $45 instant rebate, you pay only $54.95. The offer ends on June 20.

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