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Avid Media Composer 7

Avid recently released version 7 of its Media Composer software, featuring significant changes to workflow, functionality, and integration. With version 7, Avid continues to update and support its flagship product, responding to user feedback, adapting to the rapidly changing production environment, and preparing for the future needs of its clients.

Lexar Strives to Increase Efficiency with the Professional Workflow Reader Solution

Lexar has recently introduced the Professional Workflow Reader Solution, a system that revolves around a modular design for employing up to four different card readers at a single time to increase speed and efficiency when transferring large quantities of data from memory cards.

Hands-On Review: SilverFast Archive Suite 8

While digital cameras have largely replaced images being recorded on film, there still exists the need and desire to archive legacy film photos and to support creative endeavors when film still remains the ideal medium for photography.

OnOne Software Presents: Take Your Ordinary Photos and Make Them Extraordinary with Perfect Photo Suite 7

Jonny Davenport shows you how to get up and running using onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7. He reviews the 7 plug-ins that are included in the Suite, showing you how to maximize your photography workflow and bring the best out of your imagery.

Introducing the New Expanded and Refined Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

Adobe has just released the newest version of their all-encompassing post-production tool that is highly beneficial to the contemporary digital photographer: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. This version succeeds Lightroom 4 and adds an array of new features and tools.

B&H Wedding Guide: On-Location Digital Workflow Hardware

While most photographers will concentrate on shooting the event they’ve been hired for, it can be beneficial to have a computer and other equipment on hand to back up your photos, squeeze in some editing and even make a quick slideshow that can be shown at the event.

A&I Books Presents: Andy Graber's Pro Software Techniques for Photo-Book Design

While Photoshop is one of the most popular software programs for photographers of all levels, InDesign has unique features that can be useful for photographers who want to create albums, templates or portfolios. The ability to create multi-page documents separates InDesign from Photoshop, which allows photographers to go beyond just editing their images.

Digital Workflow: Working Efficiently to get You Back Behind the Camera

Today, photographers are spending more time at their computers than they are behind their cameras. While all that editing software is amazing, this also means that a lot of time is being spent away from the customers and making more money. Jeff Cable, who is one of our most requested speakers, has come up with a very efficient workflow process for anyone shooting a lot of images.

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