Meet B&H: The Pro Audio Department

The Pro Audio section of the B&H SuperStore comprises almost a quarter of the first floor. In this area, customers can peruse keyboards, speakers, a DJ area, electronic drums, Apple Mac Pro workstations, software, and even a soundproof booth with microphones. The audiophile, sound technician, musician, or gear enthusiast will be dazed by all of the audio equipment surrounding them—which they can play with, too!

Take a look at our photo tour of the Pro Audio section, and listen to some rockin' tunes while you're doing so.

Using FX in Traktor with Kontrol S4

We explore a few of the many ways to spice up your DJ sets with Traktor and the Kontrol S4’s powerful FX sections.

Mixed Audio Gifts

Here are four audio products that make great gifts: a DJ controller, an electronic drum kit, a home recording kit and a cassette-to-MP3 converter.

The Pioneer CDJ-350: Affordable Digital Spinning

While vinyl has been making a comeback in the past few years, there is no denying that the future of mainstream music is digital (analog lovers, feel free to groan here). Pioneer has released a couple of excellent, DJ friendly CDJ digital multiplayers that allow you to manipulate digital music in much the same way you would work with analog music. 

Make Mixes Nicer with Novation's Dicer

A new gadget is due in July that's sure to cause some excitement in the DJ world. It's called the Dicer from Novation, and it was designed to fully maximize the real estate in your rig by mounting on the corners of turntables, CDJ's, and laptops. Plus, like Twix candy bars, you get two Dicers for the price of one (a Dicer for each deck). Two for me, no dice for you!

Who Put the LED in Jellied Fish?

/node/3981/revisions/39451/viewEven if it looks like a prop from V, the Jellyfish Effect LED Light from American-DJ could become more than an alien visitor for the itinerant DJ shopping for a portable light show. The 5-pound, 12.5 inch-wide light generator, with handle for carrying or hanging, provides two types of effects: beams that drop down and bathe dancers (or an empty floor) in red, green, blue and white light and a color-changing, glowing case that can be admired from a distance.

DJ for Less — Holiday Roundup

This holiday season, you can give and/or enjoy the following budget-friendly ways to DJ—ready for action right out of the box. Like modern DJing, all of these devices are separable into two primary categories — analog or digital. Subsequently, you will notice that the first unit (by Numark) is exclusive to digital workflow, and the rest have relationships with both analog and digital configurations.

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