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I’ve always been a fan of the TV program The Twilight Zone. In the mid ‘80s, when I was furiously taping every movie I liked even just a little bit, The Twilight Zone was broadcast two and sometimes three times a night, so I taped those episodes, too. Did you know that there were 156 episodes of that program? And did you know that one season consisted of hour-long episodes? Most people don’t know that, but I do, because I taped almost every one of them—I’m missing maybe four episodes. Unfortunately, those old tapes are pretty much unwatchable today.


Nikon School's creative lighting DVD is an inspiration for all shooters irrespective of brand

There is an old chestnut that goes "there's a first time for everything;" this review takes that notion and squares it. After scouring our archive of B&H newsletters, I think this will be the first dedicated review of a DVD we have produced. B&H stocks a large selection of tutorial videos, software, and books; frankly we all own at least one educational tool that we were forced to rely on when the product manual wasn't enough. The fact that I am not one for watching a lot of television is an amusing irony that should not be missed while reading this overview of the very informative Nikon School Creative Lighting DVD.

Nikon School Creative Lighting DVD

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