DVD players

A Flock of Panasonic Blu-rays Alights

Beyond its ongoing ability to be the best possible movie source for your home theater, the Blu-ray Disc player continues to evolve. Newly arriving 2012 models from Panasonic are also capable of streaming entertainment from your home network or the Internet.

Blu-ray Disc Players Roundup

As the A/V component of choice to show off your Full HD TV’s or projector’s chops, the Blu-ray Disc player has evolved beyond garden-variety DVD and CD players and is better viewed as an all-purpose media player.

Toshiba's New Blu-ray Trio

It was only a few years ago that Toshiba lead the charge against Blu-ray with the now defunct HD DVD format. Currently, the company offers a robust line of Blu-ray models as home theater players and notebook computers. Three of Toshiba’s latest video source components are the BDX2250, BDX4150 and BDX2150 players.

DVD Buyers Guide

Within five years of being introduced in the late 1990s, the digital video disc replaced the video cassette as the most popular way to buy or rent prerecorded movies for viewing at home on your TV.

Portable Digital Media Players

Originally, it was a battery-powered device with text display small enough to fit in a pocket, which stored songs you transferred from a computer. Also called an MP3 player, it output music via a headphone jack, which explained the included earbuds. But that was 1999. Today’s players do a lot more than just play music (now in a variety of formats and with listener-adjustable effects).

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