Triad V Adapter Plates

Choice is a good thing.  We love the ability to choose what we have for dinner or what cell-phone plan to purchase and, if you work with pro video, what gear and accessories to buy for your camera. So it’s exciting that B&H is now carrying Triad’s line of professional mounts, plates, sunshades and monopods for ENG, HDV and DSLR cameras.  

Fashion Statements for Digital Recorders

You might not think a portable digital recorder would need to wear a thick fur hat in the sweltering heat of summer, but if you're using its built-in microphones, special windshields are absolutely necessary to protect your audio from wind noise. Not only will they allow you to capture clean audio in gusty locations, they also make your recorder look really cute. Check out this post for the coolest hot summer accessories for portable audio recorders.

JVC HM790U: Indoors and Out

Today, for under $10,000, several excellent video camera kits exist which would have had me laughed from the room had I suggested them ten years ago. JVC is making a very compelling case for its brand new GY-HM790U media camcorder. This camera has every feature you need to capture high-quality footage, both in the studio or in the field.

Sennheiser Awards B&H as Dealer of the Year

Our customers have always been Sennheiser fanatics. Their Evolution Series wireless systems and wired microphones have maintained a well deserved popularity. Even when I walk around the B&H executive offices, I always see lots of our employees wearing Sennheiser's HD-280 Pro headphones (because they sound so nice and really block out noise). So it goes without saying that B&H is indeed proud to be named Sennheiser's Dealer of the Year in their professional audio business category.

An Important Notice for R0DE Mic Owners

This curious looking wavy blue ring is causing a lot of confusion for customers who buy new R0DE microphones. The ring is a small spacer that comes installed inside of the mic. The ring can be easily removed, and it's a good idea to remove it immediately after you buy a new R0DE. The ring prohibits many XLR cables from connecting, and you may think your new mic is defective if you're unaware of this issue.

A $3 Thing That Could Save the Day

Exciting? No. Life saving? Yes! The RKRmicro lav clip.Scrunchies. Board game pieces. Teeth. What do these things have in common? They're all small and easy to lose if you're not careful. If you use a lavalier microphone in any capacity (for video work, live sound, business presentations, etc.) then you're already aware that the clips are the easiest thing to lose in the entire universe. Buying replacement lav clips can be expensive, but there is one universally compatible (and very affordable) option that no one should leave home without…

How To Strap $15,000 of Gear to Your Body and Stand in the Rain

Location sound... looking cool isn't the first priority.Is it Grimace? Is it the Grim Reaper? Nope. It's a prepared location audio professional who is protecting their investment and getting the job done.  This morning on my 10 minute walk from the train to the office, I witnessed a weather anomaly that I'd never experienced before. This is my 18th year as a resident of the Northeastern United States, and I don't know the official stats, but this winter sure seems like one of the worst.

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