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First Look: B&H's Post Production Display Area

We always hear about loyal customers who travel great distances and visit New York City's many incredible sites and always find the time to stop by B&H's Superstore on 34th Street and 9th Avenue. These customers are usually flabbergasted at the sheer size, overwhelmed by the amount of products on display, marvel at the conveyor belt system and equally impressed with the knowledge of our Sales Associates. But most of our out-of-town customers only know B&H as the home for photography and nothing else. Well, B&H is a lot more.

B&H First Look: Final Cut Pro 7

It's been almost 10 years since Apple brought its first version of Final Cut Pro to market. In that time, the professional, nonlinear video application has seen many improvements and features added. With each subsequent release the software has offered greater stability, reliability, and productivity in the ever-changing moving image space. These updates have always been informed by the latest innovations in both Apple hardware and OS software deployment. Final Cut 7 is no exception.

Getting Started in Post Production

You've captured the moment on video, now what? You connect the camcorder into a TV and playback the unedited footage. Your family and friends eyes start to glaze over as every shaky frame, every obscure angle and every poorly lit scene comes out in its true, unaltered, raw form. You begin to witness scenes when the record button was unknowingly turned on; the harsh shadows because you shot directly into a light source; and the bad audio. The problems are endless and your captured audience wants to politely head for the door, feigning sickness or the need to feed the dog. Anything, just don't let me watch the cacophony on the screen.

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