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Street Shooting 50 Feet in the Air: A Conversation with Stephen Wilkes

For some photographers, a favorite secret weapon may be a coveted vintage lens, a unique post-production tweak, or an obscure in-camera trick. But if you analyze the work of Stephen Wilkes, the secret arrow in his quiver would likely be a 52,000 pound Condor bucket truck. Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to Stephen about his early mentors in color photography, how an image can carry the subtext of soul, and the ten-foot-wide gorilla in the room—his wildly popular 'Day to Night' series.

The Paradoxical World of Claire Rosen

Inspired by fashion and fairy tales, photographer Claire Rosen constructs whimsical worlds, designs costumes and captures beauty with her camera. As both a fine art and commercial photographer, Rosen explores the dualities that exist in life. By working with themes and imagery popularized by fables and children’s stories, Rosen investigates universal truths while appealing to our desire for fantasy.

Beyond the Snapshot: Fine Art Landscape Photography

In this video, landscape photographer Miles Morgan shares essential information and tips on how to create successful landscape photographs. Ranging from how to prepare for shooting to some post-production techniques, Morgan provides in-depth details about his process.

Inside the Collector’s Mind

For some, photography is about capturing family moments, or documenting vacations with the ultimate goal of sharing the images with friends. For others, the desire is to have their work recognized and perhaps even purchased.

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