PhotoPlus 2013: Spinlight 360 Flash Accessory System

After LED panels, I felt that I should move back to still photo and on-camera flash units. The Spinlight 360 was an intriguing new piece of gear. They were giving a demonstration, and I couldn't tell you how quickly they moved through all the different options. First it was a clear dome, then a filter, followed by a snoot. It was fast, and held to the flash head really well. It also spins 360º for using half domes and similar items however you would like. Need some more control over an on-camera flash? Spinlight 360 may work for you.

Pentax Introduces Five K-Mount Limited Series Lenses and Updated Flashes

Pentax has released five new K-mount autofocus lenses for its series of APS-C format DSLR cameras. The lenses are updates of existing lenses and are being released as a limited-production run with a focus on quality construction featuring updated HD lens coatings, circular aperture designs, and handsome, durable all-metal barrels.

Sony Announces New Full-Frame Camera and Accessories

Sony has just announced two new cameras along with several accessories to accompany those cameras, as well as a new and innovative external flash unit. The first camera is the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R, which is a special edition of last year’s impressive Cyber-shot DSC-RX1.

Off-Camera Flash: Packing Small and Shooting Big

Join Joseph Carey as he takes you through the basics of the often daunting world of flash photography, with a focus on Speedlites. Fulfill your creative ideas with your flash and camera rather than allow the technology to get in the way of your vision.

Quick Start to Off-Camera Flash with Canon Speedlites

In this Canon-specific workshop, you can learn how to quickly create beautiful light with off-camera Speedlites. Explore the difference between on-camera flash and off-camera flash and how to select camera and Speedlite settings.

A Flash of Brilliance: A Hands-On Experience With Canon's Radio Based Wireless E TTL System

Join Canon's John Stoilov for an informative and inspirational session on the new radio-based Wireless E-TTL flash, the Speedlite 600EX-RT, and get an up-close look at its features and capabilities.

Holiday 2012: Low-Light DSLR Photography

In this video from B&H, Larry Becker offers a basic introduction to the challenges of, and solutions for, shooting in low light with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. He explains ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture settings and demonstrates how simple in-camera adjustments will provide marked improvements when shooting indoors.

Holiday 2012: Wireless Flash

Wireless flash is a highly effective tool that provides you with near-complete freedom to use your on-camera or studio strobes in any configuration to help you best achieve the lighting you desire. Wireless flash is, as the name states, a way for you to fire your flash or group of flashes remotely without having a physical, corded connection to your camera.

The Radio Revolution: Canon's Speedlite 600EX-RT and Radio Wireless Flash

Covering the wide arc of functions of the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT, John Stoilov gives a thorough overview of this flash’s capabilities and what separates it from previous Canon Speedlite models. 

Telling the Story with Details

Wedding photography is obviously about the bride and groom, and their special day. While that story is told with photos of the lucky pair, and their guests, their memories of the event can be enhanced with images that might not be so obvious.

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