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Hands-On Review: the Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head

The Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head features a lightweight, carbon fiber design that provides maximum support and rigidity while allowing for a great deal of maneuverability with little force exerted. This head is ideal for use with long telephoto lenses that are too large or heavy to handhold as it can support loads up to 44 pounds.

Acratech Updates the GV2 Ball Head / Gimbal Head with a Quick Release Lever Clamp

Since introducing its Ultimate Ball Head in 2001, Acratech has continued to design innovative new ball heads that are lightweight, sturdy and ideal for hiking and travel. 

Jobu Design Pro2 Gimbal Head

The Jobu Design Pro2 gimbal head is the latest flagship of Jobu’s well-regarded Black Widow line of gimbal heads, which are crucial for supporting extremely heavy, long lenses. This Pro2 version is lighter than its predecessor by a couple of ounces, and it’s also quite a bit stiffer and stronger.

Tripod Heads and Legs

For many first-time DSLR buyers, a tripod can be an afterthought of an accessory. I’ve seen many friends spend close to a thousand dollars on the latest DSLR with all of the bells and whistles—HD video recording, an image stabilized lens, multiple focusing points and what have you—only to mate it with the shoddiest tripod you can imagine. 

Induro GH-Series Gimbal Heads

When Cliff Hausner of MACGroupUSA greets me in the hallowed halls of B&H Photo with his familiar "Al-you-gotta-see-this..." it's usually for good cause. This time it was to show me the new gimballed tripod heads from Induro, which are designed to make working with longer focal-length optics smoother and easier.

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