Don't Hate HDR

Everyone in photography has an opinion when the word HDR is mentioned. Sometimes it is all about perceptions or misconceptions. In this blog post, I'm hoping to change your mind or your thought process a little, when you hear the term HDR.

ND-Grad Filters in the Digital Age

When I started out in photography shooting slide film, I was trained to carry two "mandatory" filters: a polarizer and a set of graduated neutral density filters (ND-grads). Polarizing filters not only increase contrast in skies, but they are indispensible in removing glare and reflections from water and foliage. ND-grad filters offer a way of compressing tones in scenes with a large dynamic range.

Promote Control from Promote Systems

There isn't much you cannot do with the simplest of cameras nowadays, but even the best of the lot have their limitations when it comes to tricky exposure scenarios. The Promote Control, from Promote Systems, is a remote-control device that enables you to push the so-called limitations of your camera's standard operating parameters, making it possible to capture images that may not have been feasible using your camera's standard exposure capabilities before.

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