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Holiday 2012: Home Portraiture and Lighting

We took a few minutes to speak with Mr. Joey Quintero, professional photographer and lecturer at the B&H Event Space, about ways we can improve our photography, especially in terms of portraits and basic lighting techniques.

Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is a piece of hardware that expands and improves the sonic capabilities of a computer. Some audio interfaces give you the ability to connect professional microphones, instruments and other kinds of signals to a computer, and output a variety of signals as well.

Getting Professional Quality Photos From a Compact With Good Lighting

You don't need to have a big, professional DSLR to get wonderfully publishable shots: you just need great lighting! A photographer with extensive knowledge of lighting can capture great images with anything you can throw at them. Here are a couple of tips on how you can too!  

JamHub - "The silent rehearsal studio"

Are your neighbors banging on your wall during band practice? Are your parents threatening to pull the plug on what could be the next Metallica? If so, you and your band need a "silent rehearsal studio." Meet JamHub.

JamHub allows a band to play together through a small portable "JamHub" while performers monitor themselves and each other through personal headphone mixes. Such an option is ideal for:

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