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Upgrade to an HDTV for The Big Game

As the big game approaches, you may be looking at your aging TV and thinking to yourself, “It’s time for an upgrade”—and frankly, why not? Just because you’re not at the stadium doesn’t mean you can’t have a larger-than-life experience in the middle of your living room.

Samsung 3D Starter Kit Specials

You could piece together your own 3D TV system or you could dive right into the third dimension with a Samsung bundle that combines a 3D-capable TV available in various sizes and display technologies, two sets of glasses, a 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc player and perhaps a home theater speaker system, too. You get $350 instant savings, but you need to act by July 10 to enjoy one of these Samsung 3D Starter Kit Specials.

Samsung's Blu-ray Home Theater

Stepping up to Blu-ray without 5.1 sound is like eating blinis without the caviar and sour cream. That's reason enough to consider an all-in-one home theater system. The HT-C5500 outputs 1000 Watts of power to 5.1 channels, so whether you’re watching movies on DVD or Blu-ray Disc or feeding your DVR through the system’s optical audio input, the Samsung home theater system will bath you in digital sound.

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