CES 2014: A Look at the Intel® Edison, a Computer in an SD Card [VIDEO]

Intel announced a radical new technology at CES 2014 called Edison. It's a full-blown computer that resides inside an SD card. Operationally, it can behave like a traditional SD card. You can insert it into a card slot and save data to it. Since the Edison is a computer that runs on Linux, it can also run applications. You can run a program to automatically upload the saved files to the cloud, or to synchronize files from multiple cameras.

The New Intel Mobile Processors

Intel has been in the mobile CPU market for over 13 years, and in that time they have released over 300 variations. This year marks the release of 11 new mobile processors based around Intel's "Core-i" family of CPU's, which have been available on desktops since last year. Eventually these new models will replace most of the Core 2 Duo and Core Quad processors, but not the Mobile Pentium and Celeron families. The numerous advantages of this new line of mobile CPU's is what we will discuss here.

MacBook Pro Goes Core i5, i7

After months of speculation, Apple is bringing Intel Core i5 and i7 processors to its popular 15 and 17” MacBook Pros. If you’re a photo or movie editor, this could translate to a 50% speed boost in common processor-intensive tasks. Of course CPU flex ain’t the only thing Cupertino’s packed into these sleek, unibody beauties. Read on for more about the latest and greatest in Apple’s portable pro line up.

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