ipod shuffle

6th-Generation Apple iPod nano

If you took the last generation iPod nano and sliced it cleanly in half with a laser, you’d wind up with one new iPod nano and one new iPod shuffle… or at least something that resembles them. The new Apple iPod nano is a screen with no click wheel—and the new iPod shuffle has buttons.


4th-Generation Apple iPod shuffle

The new iPod shuffle, unlike its previous generation, once again has buttons. It combines the best features of all previous shuffles into this latest gem, and returns a nice touch of functionality by restoring manual controls .


Score a Free iPad from Primera

If you’re in the market for a disc duplicator, you’ve probably heard about the range of publisher/printer combos from Primera. Did you know that picking up one of these bad boys can score you an Apple iPad?  Yup. From now until July 31st, the good people at Primera are giving away a 16GB iPad Wi-Fi with the purchase of select DVD and Blu-ray disc publishers. Read on for the details.

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