Direct Recording Your Instruments Part 2

If you tuned in for the last part of this series then you learned all about the fundamentals of recording a direct signal. Now that you've got a solid understanding of the options available for direct recording, hopefully, you've had some time to make some direct recordings of your own. But a direct signal is only useful if you do something with it, and that's what the next two parts of this series will focus on. This segment will cover the basic things to watch out for with your direct signals, and cover some of the great software emulators out there that can take those sounds in an infinite number of directions.

iZotope RX

After long-admiring (and recommending) iZotope's dynamic, comprehensive and surprisingly affordable mastering plugin, Ozone, I was excited to investigate iZotope's restoration offering, iZotope RX. While no one should record inferior audio thinking they can fix it later, there are always times in which even the best practitioners have less control over their source material than they would like. Enter RX.

The Adventures of Audio Post for Film

Part One

Early in 2008, a friend sent me an email with a link to a YouTube video. The video was a preview of a movie he was producing/directing called "Overnite Shift". I was immediately intrigued by the excellent look of this no-budget movie, and something about the characters piqued my interest. I did however have reservations concerning the audio, which to my ears was problematic. On getting in touch with him, he informed me that most of the film had already been shot, but that he was having issues with the sound person delivering on his commitments. The director and I had previously worked together, so he asked me if I wanted to become involved in the project.

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