CES 2014: Korg Announces Two New Products that Improve Your Computer Audio Quality

Computers, TVs, and cameras may get most of the attention at CES, but Korg has shown that audio has a big place at the event with their announcement of their DS-DAC-100 and DS-DAC-100m, DSD audio playback systems. They are designed to complement Korg’s AudioGate 3 software, which can be used to up-sample audio from your computer, be it CDs, downloads, or other sources, to DSD quality up to 5.8 MHz.

Editor's Note: this post was written by Jaime Traba

The Korg MP10PRO was Born to Party

The first time I laid eyes on the new Korg MP10PRO, I wasn't exactly sure what it was. It looks like a combination of a boombox, a jukebox and a lunchbox. It turns out that my first impression wasn't too far off the mark. The MP10PRO allows you to do everything from DJing parties to hosting karaoke events. You can even plug in a MIDI keyboard and play it like an instrument.

The Coolest Products and Announcements of the 2010 NAMM Show

The biggest and craziest trade show of the year in pro audio just took place in Anaheim California. NAMM is the place where new products get announced, buzz gets generated, and audio nerds like myself get to map out how we're going to squander our hard earned dollars over the course of the next 12 months.  Even though the announcements of the 2010 NAMM haven't been the most drool-inducing of all time, there were still plenty of things to be excited about this year. Here are the highlights:

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