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The Moose Cruise: A Three-Hour Photographic Tour Around Manhattan

This B&H video is like a pleasant cruise down the Hudson River. On second thought, it is a pleasant cruise down the Hudson River (then up the East River and around Manhattan), with photographer Moose Peterson and more than 400 photographers, as they all enjoy a beautiful day capturing the sights of the city—from the water.

Real Exposures, with Moose Peterson

In this video professional landscape, wildlife and aviation photographer, Moose Peterson, talks about what attracts him to photography and what he looks for when shooting. Later in the video he talks about equipment choices and how to choose the proper tools depending on your style of photographing.

Beyond the Snapshot: Fine Art Landscape Photography

In this video, landscape photographer Miles Morgan shares essential information and tips on how to create successful landscape photographs. Ranging from how to prepare for shooting to some post-production techniques, Morgan provides in-depth details about his process.

Filters for Landscape Photography

With the exception of the filters used for black-and-white photography (see the article Black & White Landscape Photography) the numbers of filters used for capturing color landscapes are few, mostly due to the fact that, in digital imaging, many white balance and filter effects can be addressed in camera.

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