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A Wireless Multi-Function Printer that’s Right for You? App-Solutely!

Printers possess a near-magical ability to convert intangible bits from a computer into photos and documents that you hold or store without further mechanical assistance. 

The Printer Makes the Wedding

While digital photography and the multiple screens at our disposal have pushed printing to the realm of afterthought, weddings continue the tradition of documenting pictures on paper.

New Brother HL-3075CW Color Laser Printer with Mobile App Support

It’s no secret that you get more bang for the buck with a network printer, but sharing has been mainly limited to computer users. Now, anyone who carries an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet can print wirelessly to an increasing number of Wi-Fi enabled printers. 


Predictions of the paperless office have been greatly exaggerated. Even with the explosion of email and texting, nothing is more portable, reliable and archival (free of a particular digital format becoming obsolete) as print on paper. 

A New Line of Konica Minolta Laser Printers

Show me a business without a copy machine and I'll show you a seven-year-old kid with a lemonade stand. And despite the prediction that computers will do away with the need for paper copies, the opposite seems to be overwhelmingly true. That being the case, Konica Minolta has introduced a new lineup of laser printers designed to address a variety of office-based needs.

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