Lumos LED Lighting

Lumos appears to have finally found the quality needed for professional LED lighting by offering full-featured lights with some of the highest color rendering indexes at this time—98 on the highest end. So, with Lumos lights, you can be confident in their quality while you benefit from the advantages of LED lighting.

PhotoPlus 2013: Professional LED Lights from Rotolight

The Rotolight booth is bright! They have a bunch of round LED panels set up, and a couple mounted on DSLRs. Within the past year they have won multiple awards, and they feature WiFi control for up to 512 different panels—quite impressive if you ask me! The lights have super-accurate color that’s good enough to be used on Captain Phillips. And for the DSLR filmmaker, a great small LED panel with some LEE filters and a microphone should be extremely useful. One mount for two important items.

On-Camera LED Lights

LED lights are gaining increasing acceptance in the professional video-production industry. When LED video lights were first introduced, they were seen as a smaller, lighter, and often times more convenient alternative to traditional tungsten fixtures, but they were generally considered inferior when it came to the brightness and the quality of light that they produced.

How To Light a Wedding Perfectly Using the New GL-1 LED Light, with Brian Marcus

Brian Marcus, the co creator of the GL-1, guides you through the processes and techniques that make this revolutionary product so successful for his professional workflow.

Watch the New Jerry Ghionis Video and Win

Here's the deal... B&H and Westcott are giving away an Ice Light ($499.90 value)

What's an Ice Light? It's an innovative, lightweight and ultra-portable LED light designed for photo and video

How do I enter? Simply share a link to this video and a specific hashtag on Twitter and you may win! Hit the Read & Discuss button for the full details...

The ikan MK350 Handheld Spectrometer, from UPRTek

The MK350 handheld spectrometer is a marvel of engineering. It slices, dices, and makes coffee. Okay, it doesn’t make coffee, but it is the first self-contained handheld spectrometer—awesomely impressive, as prior spectrometers were either bulky desk units with separate probes or required connection to a computer to give you readings.

Hands-On Review: the SkyLux LED Light

Watch and listen as Larry Becker, of Kelby Media, discusses Westcott's new SkyLux LED continuous light source. Becker explores the attributes and special qualities of LEDs, impressive power versus traditional tungsten sources, dimming features, long lamp life, and accurate color rendering.

Green-Screen Basics

In this tutorial, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, takes you through the basic steps of lighting a green screen properly. Green-screen production is great for special-effects work or when you need to shoot a subject against a variable background.

Hands-On Review: the Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit

The Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit is a professional, portable solution to lighting for photography in a studio or on location. The power source is built in, and the included batteries power the kit's two monolights for 220 full power flashes, 440 flashes at half power, or thousands of flashes at the lowest power.

Ikan LED Studio Light with Touch-Screen Dimming

Industry leader ikan has announced two new LED studio lights, expanding its already impressive inventory of fixtures and lighting kits. The unique aspect of both lights is the inclusion of an LCD touch screen control panel, which replaces the knobs and switches located on the back of the older units.

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