Three Reasons Why Using a Gaming Mouse is Great For Editing Photos

In the market for new photo editing peripherals? While tablets and trackpads have their specific uses, you should probably consider the advantages that a gaming mouse can offer. Though more expensive than standard mice, they are top of the line products designed for better performance and long periods of use.

Your PC As Seen On Your Big Screen TV

Nearly 72 percent of online households log on for entertainment purposes every day, according to the Conference Board. They stream episodes of cable TV programs like The Daily Show, watch YouTube clips, and download video podcasts. Even without the Internet, you may have transferred hours of family camcorder footage now buried on the computer's hard drive. Suddenly, it's easy to see your computer as a versatile source component for your big screen TV. Too bad the PC is shackled to a desk in a different room, and show time in the home office amounts to people standing behind your chair squinting at the small screen.

It doesn't have to be that way, especially during the holidays or any home gathering. Here are three ways to view computer content in the more accommodating setting of your living room and home theater:

  • Connect a computer directly to your TV
  • Attach a media receiver to a home network
  • Copy content and walk it over
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