How to Drop $725k on Gear

When it's time to buy new gear, we usually need to seek out options that offer the best bang for the buck. In the process of doing so, we're forced to suppress our deep desire for the gear that provides the loudest bang. We've rounded up of some highest-ticket items sold at the B&H SuperStore, so we could fantasize about clicking the Checkout button with the confidence of a newly-minted billionaire.

Street Photography with Medium Format Cameras and Film

When I first began studying photography, I was taught that there were two types of photographers: collectors and voyeurs. I remember being immediately drawn to photographs that fell under the latter category. The photos of Cartier-Bresson, with their ability to capture subjects and environments interacting so harmoniously, were mesmerizing. I too wanted to know how to create "The Decisive-Moment."

Mamiya RB67 Shout-Outs and One Reader's Motorcycle Quandary

 My recent post about the Mamiya RZ33 - Mamiya’s latest take on medium-format DSLRs - was followed by an unusually high volume of comments that can be boiled down to several key categories and a sidebar conversation with "euroblade," a reader who’s tearing his or her kishkas out trying to choose between the RZ33 and a BMW R100RT motorcycle, which cost about the same but satisfy opposing needs. (Feel free to cast your vote folks: the RZ33 or the motorcycle? And we expect spirited, lively debate on this one!)

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