Holiday 2012: DJ Controllers

Everyone wants to be a DJ these days, and with good reason—DJs are cool. Movie stars are doing it. Sports stars are doing it. Guess what? You could do it, too.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

The Role of an Audio Mixer in a Video Editing Suite

Deleted scenes often end up “on the cutting-room floor,” but how did specific pieces of equipment end up on the editing-room desk? It’s common to see a computer keyboard and multiple video monitors on the desk of every video-editing station, but there’s usually another piece of equipment that may seem somewhat out of place: an audio mixer. 

Hands On with the Fostex DC-R302 Mixer/Recorder for HDSLR Video

A clever new piece of equipment is available that corrects all of the shortcomings of HDSLR audio, in a single compact, camera-mountable box. The Fostex DC-R302 is a three-channel field mixer, with a two-channel high-resolution audio recorder built in.

DJ Equipment That Will Make Any Wedding a Hit

A sports photographer needs a different set of tools than someone who shoots elementary-school portraits, and similarly, a wedding DJ often relies on different equipment than other kinds of DJs. 

The PreSonus QMix App Makes Wireless Monitor Mixes Possible

The new QMix app from PreSonus creates an easy new way for performing musicians to control their on-stage monitor mixes wirelessly, from an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. 

New iPad-Friendly Products from IK MultiMedia

IK Multimedia unleashed a fresh batch of new iOS and iPad-centric accessories at NAMM 2012, which can help you do everything, from recording excellent-quality sound directly into your Apple device, to mixing songs on separate media players with a purpose-built iPad hardware DJ mixer.

Novation's Twitch Touchstrip DJ Controller

The new Novation Twitch DJ controller is an innovative DJ software control surface and audio interface that offers a relatively small footprint and a mountain of power. It ships with a copy of Serato’s ITCH DJ software, but it’s just as capable of a controller for Native Instrument’s Traktor DJ software (a graphic overlay for Traktor is included in the box).

B&H Wedding Guide: Do-It-Yourself DJ Systems

One way you can offset the overall cost of a wedding is this: take on the task of providing the music yourself. Obviously, creating a do-it-yourself wedding DJ system will require a bit more effort on your part.

The New Sound Devices MixPre-D: for Camera, Sound and Post

There’s a wide range of workflows in today’s production world, and the new Sound Devices MixPre-D is a versatile piece of equipment that will flow with the many different kinds of work.

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