Mobile Processors

CES 2014: The 192-Core NVIDIA Tegra K1 Mobile Processor

Mobile gaming isn't going to be just about Candy Crush and Angry Birds anymore. At CES 2014, NVIDIA unveiled the revolutionary Tegra K1 mobile processor, which is a 192-core super chip featuring the same NVIDIA Kepler architecture found in their top-of-the-line graphics card: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Next-gen PC gaming has finally arrived on the mobile platform.

Editor's Note: this post was written by William Min

The New Intel Mobile Processors

Intel has been in the mobile CPU market for over 13 years, and in that time they have released over 300 variations. This year marks the release of 11 new mobile processors based around Intel's "Core-i" family of CPU's, which have been available on desktops since last year. Eventually these new models will replace most of the Core 2 Duo and Core Quad processors, but not the Mobile Pentium and Celeron families. The numerous advantages of this new line of mobile CPU's is what we will discuss here.

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