First Look: Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash

When Profoto rolls out a new product, you sit up and take notice, whether it’s an umbrella, reflector, or battery charger. So, when a new flash head became available for field testing, I was totally onboard.

Hands-On Review: the Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit

The Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit is a professional, portable solution to lighting for photography in a studio or on location. The power source is built in, and the included batteries power the kit's two monolights for 220 full power flashes, 440 flashes at half power, or thousands of flashes at the lowest power.

Holiday 2012: Home Portraiture and Lighting

We took a few minutes to speak with Mr. Joey Quintero, professional photographer and lecturer at the B&H Event Space, about ways we can improve our photography, especially in terms of portraits and basic lighting techniques.

Hands-on Review: Impact VSD Digital Monolight

An affordable, reliable, studio monolight unit ideal for potraits of all sorts. Available in 160, 300, and 400 watt/sec kits.

Hands-on Review: Impact EX-100A

An economic solution for the novice photographer looking to advance to studio lighting. Comes complete withlights, stands and softboxes or umbrellas to completethe beginning studio.


A monolight is a self-contained light source in which the flash head  contains the lamp, modeling light, cooling fan and power supply, as opposed to component systems featuring separate heads and power packs, which are commonly referred to as generators, power packs or pack-and-head-systems.

Lighting Systems for Wedding Photography

After cameras and lenses, the third slice of your wedding gear triad is your choice of lighting gear. The most basic system revolves around a dedicated TTL (through the lens) flashgun mounted on your camera’s hot shoe (or preferably on an adjustable flash bracket). 

Monolights 101

We love monolights. They imitate natural illumination beautifully. If you have yet to read our previous features on the Bare Tube Flash Head and Flash Power Packs, now is a good time to do so. Those stories complete the foundational learning about AC flash that you’ll appreciate.

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