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Enjoy Lossless Audio with the FiiO X3 Portable Music Player

Calling the FiiO X3 an ordinary MP3 player would be like calling B&H an ordinary camera store. Both offer so much more. FiiO began seven years ago as a headphone-amp manufacturer. To create the X3, their engineers used their wealth of technical audio expertise acquired from years of making headphone amps, and channeled it into the design of a high-quality portable audio player.

MP3 Players and Accessories for Mom

There’s huge variety of MP3 players available right now that would make great Mother’s Day gifts, from tiny gadgets that nearly disappear when you clip them to your shirt, to handheld multimedia marvels.

New Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Music Player

It wasn’t long ago when the idea of running or cycling with a stack of favorite albums seemed ludicrous. Then compressed digital music players came along and suddenly athletes and weekend-workout artists alike were touting how their particular play list helped them set a personal best.

Meet B&H: Portable Entertainment

In this edition of Meet B&H, we take a look at the Portable Entertainment section of the store. Here you'll find loads of MP3 players and headphones which you can test and compare before making your purchase. Click Read and Discuss for a photo tour of this section.

Cowon X7 Media Player: More Content, Bigger Screen

Imagine if you could have a personal media player, or PMP, with a big widescreen display, 160GB of storage space, a built-in FM radio, recording capabilities and more, all for less than $300. That sounds good, but you don’t have to imagine it. The Cowon X7 is real, and B&H sells it.

Alternative Uses for Your Supercharged MP3 Player

These days, MP3 players have become extremely capable devices that can accomplish a variety of tasks. Indeed, this versatility can provide greater convenience to the user. If you're unfamiliar with what you can do with these gadgets, here's a quick rundown to keep in mind.

Portable Digital Media Players

Originally, it was a battery-powered device with text display small enough to fit in a pocket, which stored songs you transferred from a computer. Also called an MP3 player, it output music via a headphone jack, which explained the included earbuds. But that was 1999. Today’s players do a lot more than just play music (now in a variety of formats and with listener-adjustable effects).

4th-Generation Apple iPod touch

With its front- and back-firing cameras, improved Retina display, A4 processor and new OS, the new Apple iPod touch is like a futuristic science-fiction gadget that traveled back in time to the year 2010. It's got all of the desirable improvements found on the iPhone 4, without the commitment of a contract or the annoyance of a telephone.

6th-Generation Apple iPod nano

If you took the last generation iPod nano and sliced it cleanly in half with a laser, you’d wind up with one new iPod nano and one new iPod shuffle… or at least something that resembles them. The new Apple iPod nano is a screen with no click wheel—and the new iPod shuffle has buttons. 

H2O Man Swim Waterproof MP3 Player

The endless summer is less boring when there's a soundtrack running between your ears—even when they're wet. Whether you're lying on the beach or doing laps in a pool, the H2O Man Swim Waterproof MP3 Player from Intova provides up to 13 hours of audio accompaniment.


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