Sony Colors Your Lifestyle in Black, Green and Pink

Netbooks are affordable, compact, lightweight, power-efficient portable computers that are ideal for browsing the Web, checking e-mail, light office work and other tasks that are not processor intensive. If you’re looking for a compact solution with these qualities, consider Sony’s VAIO P VPCP111K Lifestyle PC Computer.


The Asus Eee PCT101MT-EU17: Lightweight Tablet and Netbook

Manufacturers have been in the business of perfecting tablet computers for almost 10 years, and in that time we have seen some highs, but plenty of lows. Mastering the touch sensitive technology of a stylus and most recently, a touchscreen has been a long arduous process. But now we are witnessing a renaissance of sorts with a new wave of tablet PCs that are sure to become ubiquitous as mobile technology continues to evolve. Designed around the convertible design of tablet PCs, the Asus Eee PC T101MT-EU17 is the latest entry in touchscreen PCs. Looking like a typical netbook, the 10.1" LED display is attached at a single hinge that can rotate 180º, fold down on top of the keyboard, and transform into a tablet, providing a flat writing surface.

Two that Turn Heads - Pocket Presenters are Stealing the Show

The days of schlepping a hefty notebook and so-called "portable" projector are dwindling. Presentation equipment is becoming so miniaturized that you can now slide the computer into an inside jacket pocket and the projector into a shirt pocket. Such hands-free carriage is predicated on connecting two types of emerging devices: mini-notebook PCs (or "netbooks") and palm-size projectors. But do featherweight presentation devices perform well enough for you to consider leaving their larger siblings behind?

A Look at the ASUS Eee PC and HP dv5

A new class of portable computers, dubbed 'netbooks,' burst onto the scene in late 2007. Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS spearheaded the netbook revolution with their playfully named, and ostensibly tiny, Eee PC.

When compared to a full fledged notebook, these computers,weighing between two and three pounds, have limited functionality. You can type up a memo, surf the web, or watch a movie – albeit on a small screen – with ease, but you wouldn't want to edit a home movie, track your finances, or rely on a netbook for any mission-critical application.

A Netbook for Me?

Early models of the Eee PC had limited storage space, underpowered processors by VIA, and were preloaded with Linux rather than Windows. These computers made up for a lack of performance and maturity with a low price-point; you can get an early model Eee PC for as little as $299.

Newer models feature higher storage capacities, more memory, faster Atom CPUs by Intel, larger screens, and the option of running Windows. They are a bit more costly, with top-end models setting you back $499, but this extra cost gets you a more robust computer. It's still not a machine you would want to use as your primary computer, but it's a nice option for commuters and travelers.

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