A Battery of AC/DC Chargers

Reddy Kilowatt would be proud. The iconic cartoon character of the electrical power industry was always pumped to power your appliances. Now Pearstone has positioned itself to do the same with chargers you can use at home, in the car or even in Europe.

Pearstone Polycarbonate LCD Protectors

If you've ever scratched the surface of your digital camera's LCD screen, you already know how disturbing it can be. And it never goes away... ever. To better ensure scuffs and scratches don't put a damper on your day every time you glance at your LCD screen, Pearstone has introduced a new line of heavy-duty, polycarbonate LCD screen protectors designed for use on a variety of DSLRs and smaller digital cameras.

Pearstone XLRs: Better Cables, Lower Prices

A good XLR cable is one of the most essential accessories on the planet. Even though you may use them regularly, you still may not be sure what to look for when buying a new one. Pearstone recently unveiled a new line of XLR cables that offer a high level of quality at a surprisingly budget-friendly price. In this post I'll show you what to look for when choosing an XLR cable.

Why and When to Use a Stereo Mic on a Camera

A typical human being sees the world through two eyes, smells the world through two nostrils, and hears the world through two ears. Why we only have one mouth is a mystery, but it likely has something to do with noise pollution. Since we hear the world through two separate ears, recording audio in stereo for video work seems like a natural choice, but it isn’t always the best choice. Even so, there are many situations where using a stereo mic on a camera yields really nice results. In this article I’ll tell you about the times when you should use a stereo mic on a video camera, and make it clear when you should use a different kind of microphone. Plus I’ll share some mission critical tips for getting good sound when shooting outdoors.

Production Essentials: The Pearstone Slate

The Pearstone SADC-711Just about everyone on the planet is familiar with clapper slates, but few people understand why they're used on set. Now that video-enabled DSLR cameras are at the top of many people's wish lists, the need for clapper slates has never been greater. In this post I'll test out the Pearstone SADC-711 clapboard slate, and let you know why it's an essential item for any serious video shoot. Lights, camera, blog post!

The World’s Most Popular Headphones Just Got Better

If you use Sony MDR-7506, V6, or Audio Technica M-30 headphones, then we have some very good news! The new Pearstone Deluxe Earpads are now available, and they do nothing short of making your current headphones vastly better than they already were. They’re called “deluxe” because they have soft velour pads and a smoother foam-backed surface that covers the headphone driver. The result is a simple upgrade that makes your headphones far more comfortable.

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