Mom with a Camera

Vik Orenstein is a master portrait photographer who describes herself as a "mom with a camera". She says, "The mom part inspires the artistic part and the photographic part."

This longtime BetterPhoto instructor is also the author of a new book, The Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business. Best yet, Vik loves to share her creative vision and her professional insights.

The John Paul Caponigro Snapshot

Digital technology has profoundly changed the way we create and experience photography. No one knows that better than the artist John Paul Caponigro, who combines his background in painting with traditional and alternative photographic processes. Exhibited internationally, his work has been purchased by numerous private and public collections. Caponigro's primary focus is the natural world, and many viewers find his work deeply spiritual. B&H sat down with Caponigro recently for this exclusive interview.

Slides: Lost & Found

On a shelf above my desk sits an enormous binder full of 35mm slides, neatly stored in sleeves. These slides aren’t my work though. And it isn’t the work of anyone I know.

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