How I Built My Podcasting Network: Mignon Fogarty

If you've ever searched the web to determine the proper use of a semicolon, or to figure out the difference between "affect" and "effect," then you've likely encountered Ms. Mignon Fogarty, who is better known as Grammar Girl. What's become a media empire started out as a humble, five-minute grammar podcast. One individual with a microphone, an internet connection and a dream. B&H Insights caught up with Mignon to find out how she got her start, how she developed her network, and what she envisions for the future.

B&H Online Videos Direct to the Screen of Your Choice

You may not be aware that B&H Photo regularly creates unique videos that demonstrate features of the products it sells. You'll find the entire library on the B&H Web site at www.video.bhphotovideo.com where, among other options, you can use the Channel Navigator to view programs based on such categories as photo, home entertainment, or computer products.

The DSLR Filmmaker's Workflow

DSLR video has changed the industry. Over the past year, our photographic sensibilities have propelled the moving image-opening the door to a new realm of storytelling possibilities. For photographers, the form factor is comfortable and familiar. The lens selection? A dream come true. Custom color palettes, high ISO capture, all with a professional esthetic rivaling the production values of major Hollywood productions-how could this not be industry changing? Life changing, even?

The Touch Camcorder That Knows Its Place

Though inexpensive flash memory camcorders have been snapped up by consumers in droves in recent years, even casual users recognize their severe limitations. Typically, these devices offer a lackluster lens, provide only digital zoom, and perform poorly in dim light or an unsteady hand. Manual controls, touch screens, and GPS simply aren't included in the equipment. All this helps explain why cameras that record to tape or hard disks continue to be preferred by home video enthusiasts.

Sony Alpha Times Three - The New Alpha A230, A330, & A380 DSLRs

Sony has introduced successors to its original line-up of compact, APS-C format DSLRs. The new cameras – the Sony Alpha A230, A330, and A380 – are all housed in polycarbonate bodies that are smaller and have lower profiles than the cameras they replace.

Slick Sounds from Sleek Audio

In my previous article about in-ear headphones, one model that wasn't explored was the SA6 from Sleek Audio, which is a unique offering from a relatively new contender in the headphone world. What's interesting about the SA6 is that it's a completely modular system, and it has customizable treble and bass response. To my knowledge, this is the only pair of in-ear headphones on the market to offer this feature, and it does so at a pretty reasonable price. 

Precious Finds from the B&H Used Department

The Used Department at B&H Photo's NYC Superstore is larger than most camera stores, and much of the used gear we have in stock isn't even on display. We have what must be the most eclectic assortment of used classics, limited edition, and special purpose cameras you're likely to find in one location. But since many of our best, long-time customers live too far to ever stop by and say 'Hi', we thought we'd write about some of the more interesting items we had on hand at the time of this writing.

Rebel with a 1080p Cause

Having squeezed more pixels than most of us actually need into DSLRs in every price range, manufacturers are focusing on incorporating cutting-edge features normally reserved for mid and upper-level DSLRs into their less-pricy consumer DSLRs. Nowhere is this clearer than Canon's 6th generation digital Rebel, the EOS Rebel T1i, which is available as body-only or with a Canon 18-55 IS kit lens. 

Two that Turn Heads - Pocket Presenters are Stealing the Show

The days of schlepping a hefty notebook and so-called "portable" projector are dwindling. Presentation equipment is becoming so miniaturized that you can now slide the computer into an inside jacket pocket and the projector into a shirt pocket. Such hands-free carriage is predicated on connecting two types of emerging devices: mini-notebook PCs (or "netbooks") and palm-size projectors. But do featherweight presentation devices perform well enough for you to consider leaving their larger siblings behind?

The Canon XH-A1s - Hands on Review

Today's competitive market has proven to be a boon for the consumer, since companies like Canon, have been outdoing themselves in improving their products and offering innovations and advanced options in their professional and prosumer line. Today we will talk about the Canon XH-A1s, a compact high definition camera with professional quality, sleek design and important additions from the successful XH-A1.


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