B&H Gear News Roundup: January 10, 2014

This week in the news: Nikon unveiled their new D4S and D3300 DSLRs; Sony announced the Alpha A5000 mirrorless camera; Fuji came out with a mobile instant-film smartphone printer; Polaroid announced a square camera called the Socialmatic; Panasonic announced a 4K GH camera; and there were far more new products announced at CES 2014 than we could possibly squeeze into this paragraph. 

This is your B&H Gear News Roundup for January 10, 2014. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news as it breaks.

CES 2014: The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Fusing nostalgia with the contemporary, the new Polaroid Socialmatic camera is aimed at those who wish to share their photographs frequently and widely. With a design based on Instagram's logo, the Socialmatic is a 14MP digital camera with 2MP rear-facing camera, featuring built-in Wi-Fi and running on Android.

Editor's Note: this post was written by Bjorn Petersen

Alternative Uses for Instant Film Prints

Most people are familiar with instant film as a means to instantly capture fun and tangible photos with a vintage look to them. But did you ever brainstorm other ways to make good use of the tiny prints? Take a look at these three fresh ways to use them.

Fun Photography Projects for the Bored Photographer

Shooting the same projects and ideas regularly can become stale. One way to find creative inspiration is by browsing through Flickr and the work of other photographers. If you're still craving a sip of those creative juices, here's a quick list of some alternative project ideas that you may not have worked on.

Polaroid Returns!!!

Maybe you've already heard, but in case not, it's official; Polaroid becomes available to the public again later this week thanks to the people at the Impossible Project, in conjunction with Ilford and the Polaroid corporation! If you're a lover of Polaroid film and all it's instantaneous magic, this is awesome news.  If you've got a favorite Polaroid from days of old, post it in the comments section below.  Or feel free to just expound on your love of the medium. This is definitely a victory for film!

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