Who Knew? Wolverine Portable Document Scanner

Have you ever needed to scan documents in a hurry? I know that my mother has had to—she's a real estate broker. Many people may know that B&H sells scanners—we are a camera store, after all! However, the Wolverine PASS Hand Scanner is a specialized portable, battery powered scanner that's ideal for scanning on the fly. Recipes, photos, flyers, contracts, etc. can all be scanned and saved in B/W or color, at 300 or 600 DPI. This item runs on two AA batteries, and can connect to your Mac or PC for transfer of your files. Because it is so portable, it can accompany you in your bag or briefcase when you're on the go. This is a convenient option that road warriors may want to consider.

Who Knew is an ongoing weekly series featuring some of the items that you wouldn't typically find in your average camera store. But then again, we're not your typical camera store.

Portable DTV

A portable TV set can be a cozy companion at the ballpark or a picnic; but if you own an old one, and you haven't used it lately, you may be unaware that these days it's unlikely to pick up anything but static. That's because TV stations ended over-the-air analog broadcasting on June 12, 2009. So, if that portable contains an analog-only tuner, you may find yourself with a first-rate doorstop.

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