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Meet B&H: Portable Entertainment

In this edition of Meet B&H, we take a look at the Portable Entertainment section of the store. Here you'll find loads of MP3 players and headphones which you can test and compare before making your purchase. Click Read and Discuss for a photo tour of this section.

Little Monster Headphones

People tend to upgrade their portable music players all the time, only remaining loyal to their favorite musicians from device to device. Because music is so central to our lifestyles, you may find that upgrading your in-ear headphones could have more of an impact than getting another flashy gadget. Monster has a compelling line of in-ear headphones inspired by artists like Miles Davis and Puff Daddy, which sound as good as they look.

4th-Generation Apple iPod touch

With its front- and back-firing cameras, improved Retina display, A4 processor and new OS, the new Apple iPod touch is like a futuristic science-fiction gadget that traveled back in time to the year 2010. It's got all of the desirable improvements found on the iPhone 4, without the commitment of a contract or the annoyance of a telephone.

Orange You Glad You Compared Apples to Refurbished Apples?

If you're looking to save money on a nearly new Apple iPod nano (5th Generation) or iPod touch (3rd Generation) model, B&H just acquired a load of refurbished iPods, any one of which you'd be proud to call your own. The nano models are available with 8GB of flash memory, 2.2-inch LCD, FM tuning and recording, and a built-in still and video camera. Choose black, blue, green, pink, purple, silver or orange (left).

Stick 'em in Your Ears: Aerial 7 Bullet Buds

Thanks to the iPod and the cellular phone, carrying your entire music collection in your pocket is easier than ever. No more lugging around a backpack full of CDs for variety when the mood strikes. Unfortunately, the cheap earbuds that come with your music player often don’t do your music justice. These cheap earbuds will.

Aluratek's Cinepal Personal Media Player

Though personal media players have been dominated by one manufacturer whose name starts with "A" (not Archos), not everyone needs a touchscreen or Wi-Fi to be entertained. When it comes to enjoying videos, slideshows, and music, there's something to be said for an inexpensive portable. With its generous 8.9-inch (1024 x 600) screen, kickstand, remote, USB and SD inputs, and HDTV output, Cinepal from aspiring A-lister Aluratek could turn a few heads.

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