KSM32/SL Project Studio Vocal Kit

This B&H kit combines the elements you'll need to bring quality vocal recordings to your music in one convenient, money-saving package. Based around the Shure KSM32/SL microphone, the kit also includes the PreSonus Studio Channel, the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro, pop filter, headphones and mic cable. 

Save up to $100 on Studio One Pro

This is your chance to save $50 to $100 on Studio One Pro, a new audio program from PreSonus. Our savings offer expires on June 30th, so don't mull this one over for too long. Studio One Pro is a powerful audio application that's been designed from top to bottom to be easy to use, without giving up its horsepower. The new Version 1.5 even includes QuickTime video support. Check out this post for more details.

Avidly Monitor Your Productions with RM1's

Digidesign RM1 Nearfield Studio Monitor Some people make a point of purchasing "industry standard" equipment. While it's arguable if the term "industry standard" has any concrete meaning at all, if you use DigiDesign's RM1 near field monitors in your studio, you can at least make the case that you're using "Pro Tools approved" speakers. Okay, so the term "Pro Tools approved" doesn't really have any meaning either, but hey, it sounds good! If you want to sound great, check out these awesome RM1 bundle deals...

PreSonus’s Studio One Pro: A Fresh Start in a DAW

We all know who the big dogs are in the DAW world, and most of us can admit that for years there has been a virtual monopoly in the world of DAWs—doing as much to hinder the progress of DAWs as it has to establish a standard. As more and more great music is produced in project studios—users are opening their minds to new software and hardware options.  PreSonus has made a name for itself making project-studio-ready hardware that compromises little quality in the name of affordability. When I learned that PreSonus was behind Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist—the newest competitor in the DAW market—my skepticism was reduced.

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