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Meet B&H: The Pro Audio Department

The Pro Audio section of the B&H SuperStore comprises almost a quarter of the first floor. In this area, customers can peruse keyboards, speakers, a DJ area, electronic drums, Apple Mac Pro workstations, software, and even a soundproof booth with microphones. The audiophile, sound technician, musician, or gear enthusiast will be dazed by all of the audio equipment surrounding them—which they can play with, too!

Take a look at our photo tour of the Pro Audio section, and listen to some rockin' tunes while you're doing so.

Logic Studio Compressor Tips

In this video we're going to explore Parallel Compression and Side Chain Compression using Logic Studio's Compressor plug-in.

M-Audio Axiom 25 V2 Keyboard Control

The M-Audio Axiom 25 features a two-octave keyboard, encoder knobs, Mixer and Instrument modes, a Zone feature and Direct Link software.

Why is Mixer A More Expensive than Mixer B?

The Azden FMX-42a and the FMX-42 portable field mixers are nearly identical in appearance, yet the price tag on the FMX-42a is over $100 more than the FMX-42. In this post I'll clearly explain why this is so, and how the additional features on the FMX-42a can greatly benefit you when mixing audio in the field.

Sennheiser Awards B&H as Dealer of the Year

Our customers have always been Sennheiser fanatics. Their Evolution Series wireless systems and wired microphones have maintained a well deserved popularity. Even when I walk around the B&H executive offices, I always see lots of our employees wearing Sennheiser's HD-280 Pro headphones (because they sound so nice and really block out noise). So it goes without saying that B&H is indeed proud to be named Sennheiser's Dealer of the Year in their professional audio business category.

Grace Awards B&H as Dealer of the Year

We are very honored to announce that the Pro Audio Department at B&H has received the Dealer of the Year Award for sales and service from Grace Design. As a premier manufacturer of microphone preamps and monitor control systems,

The Coolest Products and Announcements of the 2010 NAMM Show

The biggest and craziest trade show of the year in pro audio just took place in Anaheim California. NAMM is the place where new products get announced, buzz gets generated, and audio nerds like myself get to map out how we're going to squander our hard earned dollars over the course of the next 12 months.  Even though the announcements of the 2010 NAMM haven't been the most drool-inducing of all time, there were still plenty of things to be excited about this year. Here are the highlights:

DJ for Less — Holiday Roundup

This holiday season, you can give and/or enjoy the following budget-friendly ways to DJ—ready for action right out of the box. Like modern DJing, all of these devices are separable into two primary categories — analog or digital. Subsequently, you will notice that the first unit (by Numark) is exclusive to digital workflow, and the rest have relationships with both analog and digital configurations.

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