Integrating the Future: The New Presonus StudioLiveAI Series of Live Mixers

Presonus has announced the launch of their StudioLiveAI line of digital mixers, including the 16-channel 16.4.2AI, the 24-channel 24.4.2AI, and the 32-channel 32.4.2AI. Like their predecessors, each entry in the StudioLiveAI series has the number of channel faders and mic pres (and line inputs) to match their channel count: 16 on the 16.4.2, 24 on the 24.4.2, and 32 on the 32.4.2.

The Ultrabook™-Based Portable Recording Studio

In the past 15 years, everything about the process of recording and distributing music has changed. The major labels have toppled from their pedestals, and with them have fallen their high temples—recording studios. 21st- Century recordings take place in bedrooms, basements, rehearsal spaces, and out on the road.

Ableton Announces the New Live 9 and Push Instrument/Controller

After three long years of development, Ableton has finally announced the new version of their flagship product: Live 9. The Berlin-based company also introduced a unique grid-style instrument/controller called Push. If you’re unfamiliar with Ableton Live, the hottest new feature in Live 9 likely may not seem too significant, but read more.

New Avid Pro Tools Express Mbox Bundles

The Mbox series from Avid has always stood out as an excellent way for new users to dive into the professional realm of computer recording, and as a vehicle for experienced users to harness the power of Pro Tools in a portable and compact package. The newly announced Mbox Express Bundles continue the legacy of this popular hardware and software solution.

The New 2x4 Analog I/O Module for Symphony I/O from Apogee

No matter how large or small your recording studio may be (some of us have live rooms, while others only have bedrooms), there are plenty of people who prefer to work with the highest quality conversion technology available. 

Professional Audio Studio Gear

These days, the sound quality you can achieve with a minimal investment in home studio recording equipment is amazing. But as nice as these affordable recording tools are, they all have sonic limitations. What do you do if you want to take your sound to the next level of quality?

Making Music and Movies with One FireWire Port

I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro for my video and audio production needs, even though the limited ports on these computers make it tricky to plan out a suitable work flow. The biggest hurdle I faced was how to get by with just a single FireWire port. In this post I'll explain how I rearranged my hardware to work smoothly with my new production computer.

The Dynaudio Acoustics BM 5A MKII: Clearer and Even More Accurate

The new BM 5A MKII near field active studio monitor from Dynaudio Acoustics is the latest update of their much-respected BM series. It may look remarkably similar to the original BM 5A, but there have been a number of updates made throughout its design. Check out this post for details about the new model and a side-by-side look at the old and new versions.

Audio Snakes on a Plane!

Getting on an airplane is always a little scary; but when you're taking lots of production equipment with you, it's downright terrifying!  Traveling with gear requires preparation. Without the necessary cases, packing, and precautions, your equipment may not survive the trip. Join me as I pack for a flight to Detroit, on a mission to record some tracks with one of the best drummers I know. The fate of my favorite gear is uncertain.


Grace Awards B&H as Dealer of the Year

We are very honored to announce that the Pro Audio Department at B&H has received the Dealer of the Year Award for sales and service from Grace Design. As a premier manufacturer of microphone preamps and monitor control systems,


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