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Push2TV Wirelessly Connects Your PC to Your TV: It’s Magic

Using a notebook computer as a source for HD content to be viewed on a big screen TV is becoming more and more common. With easy access to downloadable HD content and notebooks having hard drives large enough to store HD content and enough muscle to process it, there’s no reason not to view the content on an HDTV…

Sony Colors Your Lifestyle in Black, Green and Pink

Netbooks are affordable, compact, lightweight, power-efficient portable computers that are ideal for browsing the Web, checking e-mail, light office work and other tasks that are not processor intensive. If you’re looking for a compact solution with these qualities, consider Sony’s VAIO P VPCP111K Lifestyle PC Computer.


Sony Vaio Safety Alert

According to Sony, in rare instances the Vaio VPCF11 and VPCCW2 series of notebooks may overheat, resulting in deformation of the keyboard or external casing and a potential burn hazard to users. If you own one of these series models, Sony recommends that you download and install a firmware update specifically designed to prevent the potential overheating problem. Sony advises customers not to return affected computers to their retailer, but to download the firmware update.

The Sony VAIO EB Series

When I was picking up my demo unit of the Sony VAIO EB series notebook for this review, I had a very important choice to make. "Which color do you want?" I took one look at the two computers in front of me -- one blue, one black -- and without hesitation said "I'll take the blue one." Thankfully, I didn't have to make a choice from the entire array of colors that the VAIO E is offered in -- six in total. If you're keeping score at home, they are Iridescent Blue, Hibiscus Pink, Caribbean Green, Lava Black, Gunmetal Black, and Coconut White.

Two that Turn Heads - Pocket Presenters are Stealing the Show

The days of schlepping a hefty notebook and so-called "portable" projector are dwindling. Presentation equipment is becoming so miniaturized that you can now slide the computer into an inside jacket pocket and the projector into a shirt pocket. Such hands-free carriage is predicated on connecting two types of emerging devices: mini-notebook PCs (or "netbooks") and palm-size projectors. But do featherweight presentation devices perform well enough for you to consider leaving their larger siblings behind?

Your PC As Seen On Your Big Screen TV

Nearly 72 percent of online households log on for entertainment purposes every day, according to the Conference Board. They stream episodes of cable TV programs like The Daily Show, watch YouTube clips, and download video podcasts. Even without the Internet, you may have transferred hours of family camcorder footage now buried on the computer's hard drive. Suddenly, it's easy to see your computer as a versatile source component for your big screen TV. Too bad the PC is shackled to a desk in a different room, and show time in the home office amounts to people standing behind your chair squinting at the small screen.

It doesn't have to be that way, especially during the holidays or any home gathering. Here are three ways to view computer content in the more accommodating setting of your living room and home theater:

  • Connect a computer directly to your TV
  • Attach a media receiver to a home network
  • Copy content and walk it over

5 Ways to Bring Back the Family Slide Show

Families with digital cameras take thousands of pictures but banish most to a computer hard drive never to be seen again. They never make the connection that their home theaters are digital photo-ready. This despite the fact that gathering people on the couch for a slide show was second-nature a generation ago, especially after a vacation or during the holidays. With some advance planning, setting up and running a picture show is a lot less labor intensive than dragging a mechanical projector and retractable screen out of the closet each time you want to impress the neighbors.

Loading slides correctly was a hassle before the show turned digital.

Today, your big screen is already in place. And with that bright display, you don't even have to dim the lights. So why wait? Here are five ways to do it.

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