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Minestrone: Street Photography and So Much More

If you are lucky enough (and talented enough) to have a long career in photography, over time your work takes you down many roads, and Mel DiGiacomo is one of those photographers. Whether he is shooting the US Open or a wedding, on assignment for top magazines, or doing self-assignments on the street, Mel is one hard-working photographer.

Street Photography with Mel DiGiacomo

Photographers are always looking for subjects, and in so doing, often choose the street. As Dorothy Norman said, "You don’t have to go fifty feet from your house to find a photograph." While Street Photography can be practiced anywhere, New York City in particular is a place that lends itself to the art (after all, our sidewalks are 18% gray!)

The Moose Cruise: A Three-Hour Photographic Tour Around Manhattan

This B&H video is like a pleasant cruise down the Hudson River. On second thought, it is a pleasant cruise down the Hudson River (then up the East River and around Manhattan), with photographer Moose Peterson and more than 400 photographers, as they all enjoy a beautiful day capturing the sights of the city—from the water.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Your Fears of Shooting Street Photography

Good street photography is able to capture fleeting moments in the streets and summarize the entire experience in one photo. Part of it is also accepting that not every photo you shoot will be breathtaking. But before you even think about any of this, you'll need to get rid of your fear of shooting, which many people have. Here are a couple of tips on how to do this.

Editor's Note: Many of the photos in this story are selections from the B&H Flickr Group. Hover over the photos to see who shot them.

Street Photography with Medium Format Cameras and Film

When I first began studying photography, I was taught that there were two types of photographers: collectors and voyeurs. I remember being immediately drawn to photographs that fell under the latter category. The photos of Cartier-Bresson, with their ability to capture subjects and environments interacting so harmoniously, were mesmerizing. I too wanted to know how to create "The Decisive-Moment."

What Is Your New Year's Photography Resolution for 2011?

We all know that photography isn't easy. Now that you've been fondling some brand new photo gear from the holidays, you'll need to become a better photographer by creating a New Year's Resolution, and sticking to it! What projects will you do to improve yourself? For those of you that are completely lost, here is a short list of some popular ideas that you can adopt as your own New Year's Resolution.

Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography

I'm a lover of street photography. It's what inspired me to pick up a camera and shoot. It became fairly addictive. There is nothing like capturing or "stealing" a moment. So many special things happen day to day, which are just fragments in our lives. I find it interesting to watch people, observe and capture a brief snapshot of their lives.

Shot Through the Heart

I'm the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. So much so, sometimes it gets me in trouble. My style of photography, I believe, encompasses who I am as a person and also as a photographer. It's almost a never-ending question—as in life—I'm extremely curious and inquisitive.

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