Studio Portraits with a Lensbaby Composer

Lensbabies are often used for extra creativity in images because of the tilt-shift effect that they mimic. Creatvity is the lifeblood of many photographers and exploring new methods keep the juices flowing. So when I was loaned a lensbaby composer for the Micro Four Thirds mount, I immediately tried to figure out how I'd use it creatively and differently from the images already on the internet.

Off to the studio we went... 

Sony's SRW Family of VTRs: Quality Option for Broadcasters

Consumers today have a full plate of options when it comes to consuming multimedia content. You can view a blockbuster movie at the local multiplex, on a large-screen TV, streaming on a computer or even on an iPod or cell phone. And the number of options for consuming content is only going to increase.

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