Table-top Tripod Tales

For the last two weeks of December and most of January, I was on the road for work, fun and family reasons. I learned a few new things—and reconfirmed a few old ones—while I worked in different parts of India and Vietnam, and spent some time in Singapore. Always the teacher, I was watching my own photographing process to see if there were any lessons worth sharing. One thing struck me as a potentially interesting lesson for any serious photographer.

The Video Tripod: What to Know Before You Buy

 Whether you’re an indie filmmaker, field reporter, or wedding videographer, a pro-grade video tripod will enhance your productions more than any other type of support accessory. By adding stability, forcing perspective through composition, and providing smooth pan and tilt movement, a good tripod + head can be just as integral to your production as the camera. So how do you choose the combination that’s right for you? Read on.

B&H First Look: Redrock Micro

High definition video from today's DSLRs is nothing short of incredible. Whether you're a professional journalist, a wedding videographer, or just capturing HD clips of friends and family, the high-quality look and breathtaking depth of field control are far superior to anything that you'll find in most dedicated pro camcorders. Big sensors, huge lens selection, manual exposure control + selectable frame rates -- it's easy to sing the praises of the new revolution. But it only takes a few minutes with one of the cameras to discover a major drawback -- ergonomics.

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